Michael Hallenbeck Photography (Official)
NYC-Based Portrait Photographer. Fitness, Fashion, Performers, Lifestyle, Events, Scenic, Real Life, Editorial, Magazine.
Published (Soap Opera Digest Magazine, Time Out New York, Entertainment Weekly, New York Post, more).
Sill Photographer for indie flicks.
All images on this page are my original work. Copyright Michael Hallenbeck Photography. All Rights Reserved.
Looking to make a book...(inquiries welcome).
No trends: I'm real. All about the work.
OFFICIAL: I'm the Photographer and only the Photographer. Not the persons sharing my name that live on the bad side of life (so stop asking, not me).
Have an amazing day; create!

Professional Inquiries Only to: hallenbeckphoto@gmail.com
Dan F by Michael Hallenbeck Photography.
#andrew christian #male models #fitness #beach and city
  1. Dan F by Michael Hallenbeck Photography.

    #andrew christian #male models #fitness #beach and city

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